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About us

Is this your first time in the store? If so then let me tell you about “Mums and Baby”.

Mums and Baby is a Baby Shop which enables you to shop online, from the comfort of your own home.

Starting out in 2009, Mums and Baby was initially created as a means of helping pay for my eldest child’s expensive speech therapy.

After watching my son’s self confidence disappear, and his struggle to learn to read and write I knew my son needed desperate help.

Lengthy testing eventually diagnosed auditory processing delays, a simple condition which when caught early enough can be treated with the right form of speech therapy.

Through my journey as a mother of my own two children, I began to realise there is no testing in place for children in the Public Education System.

Private Schools test children for auditory processing, speech, fine and gross motor delays when entering kindergarten.

When faced with lengthy speech therapy sessions, I was astounded to find that the government waiting list for speech therapy is 1 year, and then only 6 sessions are provided. Who can afford the lengthy wait, or that of the cost of a private speech therapist.


What is it you may ask?

To eliminate the wait times in the Government System for Speech Therapy. To test every single child entering the public school system for any speech, vision or learning difficulities that may affect that child’s ability to read or write, and to treat them accordingly.

Our children are the future generation of our country and they need to be looked after.

How are we going to do this?

Mums and Baby has recently started a foundation “Bridge the Learning Gap” which aims to fund speech and occupational therapists to work in the public school system to test all kindergarten and pre primary children for any learning deficits.

Children that require treatment will have access to this help free of charge, which is great for families that cannot afford the help their child desperately needs.

First target – $1 million dollars

10% of all sales from this website are donated into this fund. Once the target is reached we hope the government will match our donation and help continue our great work.

Join our facebook page as well. For every “like” Mums and Baby will also donate $1 to charity.

I hope you enjoy our store, and our service. Please tell your friends.

Take care,



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