playtime/23 / 11 / 2015

Kidkraft Deluxe Espresso Wooden Easel 62019

mums-and-baby-Kidkraft -Deluxe -Espresso- Wooden- Easel

Kidkraft Deluxe Espresso Wooden Easel

Easels, Art and Your Child’s Imagination!

Your pint-sized Picasso can’t get enough of finger painting! Step up his artsy adventures with a real standing easel. Kidkraft’s deluxe wooden easel is completely child-friendly, fits into almost any space and even comes with a few key extras that both you and your little artist will appreciate.

Why an Easel?

You’ve got tables, floor space and even a back patio to paint on. So, why go out and get a surface that’s just for art-making? Well, technically your child doesn’t absolutely, positively have to have one. That said, it’s a very grown-up seeming way to paint – and your young child is sure to enjoy feeling like a pro.

The easel also gives your child the ability to stand-up and paint. She can stretch her legs, move about and fidget all she pleases, without bumping a table or moving her artwork.

Easel Extras

Kidkraft’s deluxe easel isn’t just for painting. Although it comes with two paint cups (these are anti-spill containers – which are must-haves for little kids) and a refillable paper dispenser, it also has other features. Move the paper away and you’ll find a chalkboard on one side with a whiteboard on the other. Your child can stash her markers, chalk and other art-making tools in the easel’s easy-to-access trays too!

Using the Easel

What can your child use the Kidkraft deluxe wooden easel for? Almost anything that involves painting or drawing. To get more specific (and give you a few ideas for imaginative play):

  • Take the easel outside. Keep in mind, it isn’t weather-proof. That means only try this on sunny or cloudy days when there’s absolutely no rain. Ask your child paint ‘en plein air’ just like Monet and the Impressionists!
  • Paint to music. Turn on the tunes and let you young artist dance, sway and move as she paints on the paper. The easel makes this much easier than when in a seated position.
  • Drip the paint. Prep for the mess, and set a painter’s tarp or newspaper under the easel. Let your child drip paint from the top of the paper, down the length. Ask your child why she thinks the paint is moving downwards and what new colors it’s making as it mixes and mingles.
  • Letter tracing. Move the paper aside and write each letter of the alphabet on the chalk board – lightly. Have your child trace the letters with a different color of chalk.
  • Draw lines. The easel’s upright. This makes it easier for your child to understand orientation. Get a few dry erase markers out and use the whiteboard side to draw directional lines. Say words such as, “Up. Down. To the side.” Your child must draw to the direction that you say.

How else can your child use the Kidcraft deluxe easel? Let her imagination run wild and encourage her inner-artist to come out and create excellent easel designs!